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These services support the parents of our clients in the following areas:

– emotional support through conversation

– guidance on adapting the home environment

– feedback about how to talk to and around the child

– identifying and problem-solving disruptive or non-supportive routines

– strengthening the parent relationship with each other as it relates to the child

– helping parents maintain healthy relationships in the context of increased stress


We are finding that for the majority of the families with we work with, the healthy flow and function of the family system is decreased, and the family dynamics suffer. When parents struggle with their own emotional or processing issues, their relationship with each other, their relationship with their children, our client (the child) does not make consistent progress. Typically, this is because a child has anxiety that is a reflection of the home environment and/or the parents are unable to implement the home program.

How it Works

These services start in the home and then move to phone calls as needed. Initial observation at a time of day that is the most challenging is recommended.

Crystal Delker, OTR, is now offering our family dynamic services. Crystal has a background in psychology and is a parent of two children with different needs. Rates are $75 per session, with additional fees for lengthy travel.