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Individual Sessions, Group Sessions, Intensives, & More


45 Minute to 60 Minute  Individual Sessions

We offer weekly, twice per week, bi-weekly, monthly, and intensive one-on-one sessions.

Co-Treatment Sessions

Co-treatment sessions are typical therapy sessions with your current OT provider with another Collective OT observing. The observing OT is there to provide feedback and suggestions (to your OT) about treatment efficacy, progression, and/or assessment. The reason we offer these “co-treats” is for the Collective OTs to consistently provide the best care possible by sharing and discussing treatment ideas and issues. This group approach ensures that our treatment is neither stagnant nor ineffective. Co-treats are typically offered once per month or every other month on a Saturday. If you would like to request a co-treat, please let your OT know.

Intensive Program Sessions

Our intensive program (“intensives”) is a series of three to five consecutive therapy sessions. Intensives are offered during holiday weeks and throughout the summer; we encourage clients to sign up for 2-4 intensive sessions over the summer. This is a fantastic way to jumpstart brain processing for your child before switching to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. We typically see fast and consistent progress throughout the intensive period, which is notably equal to the progress seen in approximately one month (or more) of weekly treatment sessions.



We offer varying groups to our clients. The group activities, structure, and focus depend on our clients’ ages, interests, and social goals. These groups are held over the summer months in conjunction with our intensive program. To accurately assess which groups will be most beneficial to our clients, we send an email to caregivers every spring asking about their child’s interests and goals.

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