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We Offer Three Consultation Services

Client-Focused Services, Caregiver-Focused Services, & Tiny Topics


Required: Client-Focused Consultation Services Every 4-6 Weeks

This consultation addresses questions about their child, routine, family dynamics, school, and home environment without the child present. 


We see our client’s caregivers once every four to five sessions for consultation.


We focus on caregiver questions as well as home adaptations, developmental activities, classroom strategies.

This session could be in lieu of a client session or in addition to a client session. Your current therapist will address this with you. 


We believe that caregivers are an integral part of our treatment. To help each client achieve his or her highest level of functioning, we offer sessions to caregivers with the goal that everyone in the client’s life has optimal processing. Talking with caregivers about a home routine, self-regulation, and their child’s nervous system is an extremely important part of our treatment. Caregivers are instrumental in carrying over treatment plans with our “daily dose” home program so that their child can make consistent and efficient progress. These consultations address the health of the caregiver, the health of the family, and the health of the child.


Recommended: Caregiver-Focused Consultation Services

Depending on the caregiver’s needs, we often recommend a series of targeted therapy sessions to improve the health of the caregiver and ensure that the family is functioning as peacefully and happily as possible. Caregivers often struggle with maintaining a balanced life as well as easily completing all of the daily tasks need for this child and for the family. This can often be due to decreased or compromised processing at the different levels of the brain, which can result in symptoms like anxiety, difficulty with multi-tasking, distractibility, and poor balance or coordination.  

Recommended: Supporting Family Dynamics

How does a child with special needs impact the family dynamics and how do you manage that in terms of establishing supportive family dynamics, routines, relationships, and home environment?

Supporting Family Dynamics aims to address how the family is functioning as a whole and how this functioning impacts the child who is being treated.


We are in the unique position of knowing what your child needs to make progress as efficiently and effectively as possible as it relates to his or her therapy goals. Using holistic view of the child and family, we are able to evaluate which parts of the family and the family environment are helping or hindering the child’s progress and then offer individualized support. 

More Detailed Information Here about Supporting Family Dynamics

Caregiver Tiny Topic Discussions

If you are unable to attend monthly consultations, we recommend that you attend our free monthly group discussions called Tiny Topics. Tiny Topics introduce, discuss, and review issues that parents often struggle with or ask about; we also plan to bring in other professionals in the area periodically to address certain issues. This is an opportunity to hear what other parents are doing as well as talk with the Collective OTs.

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