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The Big Question

We offer competitive pricing and try our best to accommodate every family. However, the service we provide is effective and targeted, which means that your child should need therapy services for the least amount of time possible, ultimately saving you time and money.

All of the Collective OTs are Medicaid providers; we do not accept any private insurance. You can request a SuperBill to submit to your insurance company. We do accept HSA and credit cards, but a service fee charge applies.



15% discount to professionals

10-20% to friends and family

15% to additional family members with sessions on different days
25% to additional family members with back-to-back sessions
50% off of sibling for a joint session



(Pricing per Session)


Intensives (3-5 consecutive days):
$90 (check or cash)          $100 (CC or HSA)         Intensives are in-studio


Twice per Week:
$100 in-studio (regardless of payment method)          $110 in-home (regardless of payment method)


Once per Week:
$110 in-studio          $120 in-home (check or cash)         $115 & $125 respectively (CC or HSA)


Once per Month:
$120 in-studio


Parent Coaching & Consulting (every 4-6 weeks):
$75 (regardless of payment method)          Either in-studio, in-home, or via phone


Co-Treats (session with two Collective therapists – offered every other month):
$100 in-studio (regardless of payment method)


Phone call Pricing

1. $15/15-minutes
2. $30 for 15-30 minutes
3. $45 for 30-45 minutes
4. $60 for 45-60 minutes


Evaluation Pricing:      

$250 without write-up, $270 with write-up

In order to set up the most effective and efficient treatment plan, we focus on receiving the most detailed information possible about our clients. To gain this amount of information, our evaluations are broken into three parts:

initial phone call, formal intake with the caregiver, & formal evaluation with the client (described in detail below)

1. Initial phone call with caregiver

2. Formal intake with the caregiver 

     a. Client background information, with a specific emphasis on
          i. In-utero experience
          ii. Birth experience
         iii. Development during the first 0-8 months
         iv. Emotional and physical interactions/experiences during the first year of life
          v. Previous therapy experiences
     b. Caregiver background information, with a specific emphasis on
          i. Formal and informal diagnoses, such as anxiety
          ii. Family routine
          iii. Parent relationships
          iv. Home environment
          v. Concerns

3.  Formal evaluation with the client

      a. Assessment of processing outputs at the levels of the upper brainstem, cerebellum, midbrain, & cortex
          1. Regulation
          2. Breath
          3. Sleep
          4.  Functional vision
          5. Primitive reflexes
          6. Cerebellum processing
          7. Core strength
          8. Balance
          9. Multi-tasking
      b. Initial home program recommendation
          1. 3-12 minute daily home program focused on the level of the brain where we see the processing breakdown