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From a parent, one week after her daughter’s initial evaluation

Hey!  I’ve been meaning to contact you but keep thinking this cannot be real/things are going to change. She has been a different kid…AMAZING!  Not one full meltdown since we saw you. She is more rational, reasonable, and kind to everyone. Could we have really seen a change this quickly?!? She was with the sitter yesterday so didn’t have her afternoon routine and she was off when I picked her up and started a few meltdowns but then got control of the situation. Was amazed that missing one session could make that much of a difference. I’m knocking on all the wood around me as a write this. I just asked LA how it’s going and she said, “I really like it. It’s helping me calm down more and relax more.”


From a mother

Thanks for your weekly emails! So helpful…thank you for all of your expertise, guidance, care and support with (son)-we are so appreciative of you!


After a client received combined OT services and chiropractic care

The most extraordinary thing happened tonight and I wanted to share it with all three of you. L and I were riding in the car to Denver this afternoon and chatting about school. Unprovoked, L said “I feel different since that thing this week.” I asked him “What thing?” and he said “You know, that adjustment on my neck.” I asked him to tell me more and he said “Well, it seems like I don’t have my triggers anymore.” He said “You know when I get upset when you use a stern or loud voice? Well, that doesn’t really bother me anymore.” (This statement in itself is HUGE) I asked him about his teachers (he had complained that one was strict) and he said they were triggering him less too.
Then he said  “I just feel better. Remember when you and I argued a lot and things weren’t that great for me? Now, I just feel lighter and happier.” By this time we were over at the mall doing an errand and D was having a turn on one of those trampoline flip things with a harness they have at fairs. L and I were watching him do back flips, laughing and cheering since he did like, 35 in a row. L shouted in the most encouraging way (without the usual competition or jealousy) “That was awesome!” (PS. He has NEVER said anything encouraging to his brother in his life). I complimented him for being supportive and he smiled and said “Yeah. I just feel happier”
The last and best moment of the night came when we walked in the house and without any reason, L came up and gave me a big, long hug. When I looked down to ask why I was so lucky, I noticed he was crying softly. “I love you Diana” he said. This kind of genuine expression is also rare. Of course, my heart exploded.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom, expertise, support, guidance and patience with L, D and I. We are so grateful for the rich benefits you’ve brought to our lives. They are immeasurable and we are forever in your debt.
With deep thanks,


From a parent after a school meeting with OT Anna

I wanted to share with you that I saw MC on Friday (elementary principal) and she shared with me how impressed she was with you.  She said that she’s working with a lot of different therapists in her work, and you were extremely knowledgeable, articulate in explaining what is going on with C, and helpful with coming up with plans for him.  She said you were one of the most qualified she has ever heard, and you clearly know your stuff.
Thank you for your effort to help us create a great environment for C!  I do think that he is continuing to really try, although there are still challenges at school…We’ve been consistent his exercises, and this should help that continue with some more time together at home.  Still working on the sleep routine though…