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Our partner affiliates are hand-picked based on their treatment approaches, holistic beliefs, and understanding of the nervous system. We refer to our partners to address both internal and external factors that impede or could potentially impede our ability to make changes in the brain. When we identify a factor that is currently impacting the brain’s processing progress, we recommend that the client break from our services to address this factor and then return to our services when that factor is no longer an issue.


The services we view as important and foundational to a child’s progress are: 

  • Nervous system impingement at the cervical spine
  • Secondary anxiety and child attachment
  • Gut and internal systems function
  • Parent relationship development and family dynamic counseling
  • Home environment, routine, and screen time simplification


Dr. Taylor Stoecklin, DC

Chiropractic Services



Maribeth Nelson, MA, LCP

Play Therapy Services


Caitlin Gordon, MS, LAc

Functional Medicine Services  (Gut & heavy metals treatment)



Rachel Weddle, MA, MFTC

Couples, Family, and Relationship Therapy; Child Sleep Counseling



Christine Summerfield

Simplification & De-Cluttering

(Based on the principles of Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne)